Jesse Irvin
3D Artist

Contact: 778-228-6639

An Inspired and creative 3D artist that loves all aspect of 3D Production looking to put a variety of strengths to use. With thorough knowledge of both tried and true techniques as well as the latest in technologies and tools, I have worked with and developed a variety of techniques and pipelines for the various areas of 3d. With a focus in modeling, surfacing and lighting I am looking to impart my knowledge and problem solving techniques, and contribute to advancing modeling at VFS.


3D Modeling and Texturing:

-Experience with both XSI Softimage (5 1/2 years) and Maya for poly modeling

-Experience with Z-Brush (4 years) for Both sculpting and texturing and MudBox for sculpting,

[I am also familiar with a variety of processes to transfer sculpted and textured models from Z-Brush Or MudBox to final Geo for Animation, for demo reel and high end techniques including high rez geo binding and displacement. and for low rez game application.]

-Experience with XSI’s render tree node based surfacing structure and Maya’s Hypershade surfacing

-Photoshop for Texture painting

3D Animation:

-Animated in XSI, Maya and Motion Builder, I have also trained and taught students in all three packages while instructing 3D animation at VFS
-Basic rigging in XSI for animation including shape animation and muscle deformation

3D Lighting:

-Standard Lighting in XSI and Maya

-Advanced Lighting techniques:

Radiosity lighting techniques. Applications of lighting in Film, Quadratic lighting setups. And the application of these techniques across platforms.

-Experienced in Global Illumination and Final Gather based lighting in Mental Ray for XSI and Maya
-Worked with student pipelines involving XSI (modeling), Z-Brush/MudBox (displacement), Maya (rigging, surfacing), RenderMan (final renders)

-Rendering in 32 bit open EXR format

-Linear Gamma Workflows

-Developed light rigs and render setups for VFS Modeling students Presentation pipelines

-Credited in several Student reels for lighting including Steven Chen




-Particles and deformation scripting and behaviors with ICE In XSI 7 (beta testing)

-Particle shading in XSI 7





-General Knowledge and application for various techniques including:

Compositing and color correction for integration into live plates, Light Pass compositing and render channel compositing for 3d elements and full 3d shots. Open EXR rendering and manipulation in compositing

-XSI FX Tree for node based compositing
-Adobe After Effects for layer based compositing
-Basic knowledge of Shake
-Adobe Premiere for editing



-I have experience teaching both in a classroom setting as well as one on one in all of the areas listed in my qualifications above. I have been the only person to instruct digital sculpting classes at VFS in Z-Brush. I have instructed classes on a regular basis in Animation as well as advanced techniques for shading and lighting. I also filled in as modeling mentor, instructing students, and covering pipeline techniques as well as working one on one with them to problem solve and guide their projects.



-High School:
2D and 3D sculpting courses for grades 11 and 12
2.5 Years at University of Victoria for Bachelor of Fine arts, majoring in Visual arts where I focused on drawing and sculpting
-Post Secondary:
3D Animation and Visual Effects at Vancouver Film School. Focusing on Animation

Work Experience:

March. 2004- Dec 2006, Vancouver Film School
o Teaching assistant (part time and full time)


January 2005- November 2007, Vancouver Film School
o Instructor, Introduction to 3d Animation


January 2006- Present Day, Vancouver Film School

o Lab Assistant

o Lab Mentor


Other VFS work

o Modeling Mentor (1 Month) April 2008

o Instructor, Premier class July 2007-Present Day

o Instructor, Advanced Techniques, November 2007-Present Day



October 2006- February 2007, Lighting and Rendering artist. Twixt Media Productions

 o Lighting and rendering on documentary “Laneway”

-Employer Contact: Casey Kwan,





-          Nigel Metcalf, 604-828-2834, Green Flash Studios

-          Kolby Jukes, 604-816-3971

-          Casey Kwan,, Twixt Media Productions

-          Larry Bafia, Vancouver Film School, Head of Department, 3D Animation and Visual Effects

-          Aishath Nasir,


Client References (Contact info available on request)

-          Jason Martin, Blur Studios

-          Steven Chen, Blizzard Entertainment

-          Alvaro Buendia, Blizzard Entertainment

-          Rui Padhina, Frantic Films

-          Brent Wong, Blue Sky Studios